Friday, January 23, 2009

War Stories - Buffalo Robe Pattern

I received help from a woman, Gloria 'D', who specializes in creating magnificent, authentic, reproductions of 1800 style Indian clothing, robes, weapons, and assorted everyday items for sale through galleries that represent her.
We talk all the time, about traditions of the native Americans, and her husband, who is Lakota, has been helpfull with his special insight. She suggested the Grizzly theme in the War Stories, story.
She has created clothing and items for many western movies, including having painted buffalo robes for the movie, Dances With Wolves.
So today, I implemented her design into the buffalo robe this warrior has draped over his left shoulder and arm.

Here are detail photos for you to look at. Remember you can click on them to make them larger.

I'll be back in my studio on Monday. Saturday, or tomorrow, I'm an extra all day in a movie being filmed in Bozeman. So I'll add again on Monday.

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