Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sam Commission - Sam Starts to Appear

Couldn't sleep last night so I got to work on the clay of the large version of the two copies of Sam, Todd's pet. I left off yesterday, not really happy with the way it looked, and starting today, I nearly tore it up.. but I held back, and gave it a chance. It's working. I feel Sam's spirit in this clay. I have fine tuning to do on it, but all in all, it looks less like a Giraffe every day.. haha

Sam Commission Starting the Sitting Sam

My friend Todd commissioned me to do two versions of his pet, Sam. Sam passed away a while back, and he wanted me to do two bronzes of him to honor his memory. Today I started the second one of him sitting.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sam Commission Fine Tuning the Small One of Sam

Just putting the finishing touches to the small version of the two copies of Sam, Todd's pet.

Friday, October 2, 2015

First 12 minutes of a New Instructional DVD - Creation of "Somewhere Cowboy's Walkin"

A New Instructional DVD that will show the creation, from making the armatures,. to detailing. I also show working out the design for the piece, using forming a Marquette out of wax and bailing wire,  then using a unique form of reference to create drawings to work out movement of the horses.. Yes I said horses.. 5 to be exact. That's how "Somewhere a Cowboys Walkin" came to life on April 1st 2009.
Someone asked me how I came up with the story and the design, yesterday, and got the fire burning in me. This is going to be probably the best Instructional DVD I've ever made.

                                    "Somewhere a Cowboys Walkin" in the finished Bronze

Another Day of Fine Tuning - From a Video Published July 22nd 2010

This is a clay, that never got cast. It spent 3 years in foundry waiting... It eventually just started to fall apart, and had to be cut down to just the head. I then became my bronze "The Protector"... The sad thing is, this was an amazing piece.. lost forever.

This is he picture of "The Protector". This went from the tall clay above to the bust below.

Somewhere A Cowboy's Walkin - p17 from June 9th 2009

This was from June 9th 2009
While I was creating "Somewhere a Cowboy's Walkin" I produced this video during one of my modeling sessions with a local cowboy, Harry. I was taking photos of him for a local talent agency, MMM Talent Agency. He was dressed as a late 1800s Cowboy. I took the opportunity to get some reference shots for not only the cowboy's horse but also for the cowboy.

Photo of the finished, "Somewhere a Cowboy's Walkin"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sam Commission - I'm putting a small base under the Dog Sculpture

Back on the Commission again. I'm making a base for the dog to sit on. There's some writing on the top of the Urn it's going on, and a base on the dog will cover that. I also cut the dog in half to lengthen him.