Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Back January 2009

I was up all last night. It's now 8:32 am and I'm going back to bed. Suffering from a cold. I did manage, in my pain and suffering, cough cough, to put together a 10 minute video that explains the process by which bronze is colored. I posted it on YouTube and rather than spend an hour downloading that video here, I'll just put up this link and get back in bed...

We'll see what happens tomorrow. Check back in, please. Oh check out the revolving globe below. You click on it and it brings up a world map. If your on my blog, a pulsating marker pinpoints where you are, showing that your now looking at my blog... I have one person in Milan, Italy who visited my blog and a friend In Thailand also.. Kinda cool if you think of it..

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