Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Six Possibles

Spent the day today going over photo's for the last 18 years of model shoots to come up with the design for my next clay. It really helps to have that kind of resource.
Here are the six possibles for my next clay

Possible 1.

Possible 2.

Possible 3. (Just the woman on the horse, leaving out the man)

Possible 4

Possible 5.

Possible 6.

Here's the hair style I'm going to put on the piece. It's a traditional Crow hair style. This young man is from the Crow Agency in Montana.

Here's your chance to add a comment in the creation of my next clay. I have a couple of favorites. If you have any, drop me a line, mailto: mailto: mtlemon@gmail.com and let me know what you think. Come back tomorrow and see which one I've chosen to start. I'll also give the guiding factors in the choice. Ain't this fun?


Danny said...

Aloha David Happy new year. Our favorite over here is #2. But Im sure witch ever you pic it will be amazing. Take care of that cold, we'll be watching.

Danny Honolulu, HI

Samhaldsfestarin said...

I think #1 would be great