Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Studio Time Today

Birthday party for an artist friend of mine today.. So there will be no entry today. Just to let you know, Saturday will be a no entry day as well, because I'm going to be an extra in a Tom Arnold film. If I can take photos or videos at the filming, I'll put them on my blog on Saturday night or Sunday. I have to get permission from the people in charge first. Be back in the studio tomorrow. Look for an entry tomorrow night. Just a informative note. There are almost 40 people who visit this blog each month. I know that isn't a huge number, but for me, it's amazing.
I've kept a record of the visitors since the begining of this year. I mean they're located in;

Honolulu Hawaii,
all across the USA,
Goiania Brazil,
Madrid and Alicante in Spain,
London and Port Talbot in the UK,
Klaksvik in the Farrow Islands,
Desio and Varese Italy,
Ostrava Czech Republic,
Kasnodarskiy in Russia,
Kanpur India,
Surin and Bangkok in Thailand,
Jakarta Indonesia,
Hong Kong China,
Brisbain Australia,
Haifa Isreal,
Alexandria in Egypt
Saudi Arabia.

I'm so honored to have anyone view this blog, but to have such a vast variety of visitors is totally amazing. Thank you, everyone. Especially Carlo in Northern Italy (near Milan). He visits every day. Thank you sir. It's for all of you that I do this and take the amount of time it takes to do this. I'm paying it forward.
Back in the studio tomorrow. So check back in tomorrow night.

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Danny said...

No David we are the ones that are truly honored, to be able to log in and get close and personal with such amazing artist and nice guy. Thank you for the inspiration. Danny. Honolulu Hawaii