Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Begining - Finishing up the Indian Woman

Please go to Maggie's Notebook to view a short western film, "Absaroka", a submission to the Wyoming Short Film Contest. Please put in your vote "5 Stars" for this film. I want to thank Maggie's Notebook for putting this on her blog.

I've worked all weekend on this piece. so if you missed anything please scroll down the page to catch up.
Well I decided I needed to get in and work today. Never work on Sunday unless I have to, and today I had to.
Started by working on her left arm and hand, then moved up to her head and face. Started to put detail in her hair, and change her hair a little. Ended up the day working on her deer skin dress. Finished up the left side of the dress and then the right side of the dress. Just a little more to do on this piece and it's ready to go the the foundry.

Final Photographs. The first shows the Crow Indian model in the dress I'm working from.