Friday, April 23, 2010

A New Begining - Horses Main, and Naked Female

Please go to Maggie's Notebook to view a short western film, "Absaroka", a submission to the Wyoming Short Film Contest. Please put in your vote "5 Stars" for this film. I want to thank Maggie's Notebook for putting this on her blog.
Ok.. today's title may take some explanation.. lol
An artist friend and myself, shared the price of a wonderful artist's tool. It's a 24 inch tall sculpture of a female figure. One half of her shows all the muscles, tendons and bones, the other half shows what she looks like with skin over the muscles. Finding anything on the female anatomy is near impossible. So for those of you who need this you can get it from AnatomicalFigures You can also obtain the male figure as well at that site. This is a five star item.
After I finished unpacking and storing away the female figure I got onto the clay of the horse. I had to finish the surface of the horses skin, by putting a slight hair texture into the clay. This consumed a huge amount of time. It had to be done before I added the mane. Then I started the mane of the horse. To whoever in Khabarovsk Russian Federation, looked at my blog today, man even Google 3D Earth shows the river froze there. Thank you for viewing my blog.

Final photographs.

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