Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Protector - The Shield Feathers

Today, it was, more feathers. I added the last four feathers to the shield. I'm thinking I'll add maybe two more tomorrow.
A dear friend of mine in California, Diane, has given me an idea for the title of this piece. So for now, it's title will be, "The Protector"
Another friend and follower of my blog, Angela Swedberg, helped me get a translation for the title into Blackfoot from a friend of hers, Paul. Paul wrote the following.

"Jeez, about the closest I can get is "ikopoinayiquan". I've never heard it used as a noun, so I'm putting the words for "protect one from bad influence" and "person". So a loose translation would be "a person who protects you from bad things." Blackfoot is a very descriptive language, which makes for long words [and loose translations :-D ].

So for now, till I can get a phonetic spelling of Ikopoinayiquan, I'm sticking with the English. Thanks to both Diane and Angela for your help.

Final photographs.

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