Monday, February 15, 2010

I Show How To Make Feathers Today and Hanna Adds To One Of My Sculptures

OK, two things today... check out the entry just below my final photographs for today. Cute little Hanna (3 years old)showed her love for one of my sculptures. It's really cute. Her mom and dad are Cathy and Denis from Canada. Terry, Hanna's grandmother sent me the photos there.

Now today, I started the feathers. There will be over 35 feathers going onto this piece. Not sure how much of the making of the all those feathers I'll be showing. It's probably going to take the rest of the week to make them. For those who wondered how to make feathers.. I hope the following helps.

Final Photographs today

Got this from a client in Canada today and just loved it, so thought I'd share with all of you.

Hi from Canada David. Wanted to send you these pictures of our statue, Mountain Family, and how much our granddaughter loves it, so much so she parked her my little pony next to it when we were not looking.

Have a great day.

Terry M.

Here are the photographs.. I had no idea that I'd have this kind of influence on children... Love it.


Cathy said...

She is our Granddaughter also She is 3 years old next week HER name is Hannah, we had no idea that she had such good taste in art Cathy and Denis also from Canada

Candice said...

I'm Cathy's daughter Candice and Hannah is my daughter who is in love with horses and your art work! I caught her just starring at your sculpture and talking to it! I could just imagine the creativity going through her head as she takes in your amazing piece!