Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finaly I have a Title For This Clay.. At Least For Now

"The New Beginning"
Today, not only did I come up with a new title for the clay, but the man finally got hair. Or at least most of his head got hair. Also I added Fringe to the leather Shirt.

I named it, "The New Beginning", because (and this story is coming to me now as I write) This mountain man hadn't always been a trapper. He'd spent many years on Whaling, and Merchant Ships. From when he was just a cabin boy, of 12 years, to when he saw his friend of many years killed while harpooning a Sperm Whale.
He'd lost the fire in his belly for the hunt for these great beasts. The years of being at sea had worn away on him.
He heard that riches were found in an animal's fur, Beaver. So when he put in port at San Francisco, he left the ocean forever.
He spent the first few years as a part of the Hudson Bay Company and learned the art of trapping. He eventually set out on his own. A more dangerous path, but danger never coward him, and death was a constant companion at sea. So it had no purchase in him.
He befriended a warrior whom he saved from a rampaging bull elk. The warrior, was trapped and had nowhere to go and the elks huge antlers were tearing at the tree trunks he'd taken refuge between.
This mountain man, Joshua, heard the commotion and the heated snorting of the Elk, and the sound of sticks and dirt being thrown. He investigated and found this warrior, who's future was looking in doubt.
The warrior's bravery in the face of this angry, bull elk, tearing up the ground and slaming his huge rack of heavy horns into the quivering pines, just inches from his sweating body, impressed him.
He took aim with his rifle, and later, after some caution on both their parts, the young Blackfeet and mountain man shared steaks and smiles, that night around a warm fire.
Joshua was eventually taken in as part of the warrior's family for the winter. He was treated by most of the tribe as one of them.
He learned so much from the Blackfeet, and during that winter, he fell in love with the warrior's sister.
Jeremiah had to purchase her, like any brave would have to. She also had to give her consent, which she gladly did.
Now several months later, she's at the beginning stages of her pregnancy, and they pause, sharing smiles, he realizes, this is "The New Beginning" he had been searching for.

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Gary Dombrowski said...

WOW! What a great back story to your sculpture. How often do you come up with such an elaborate narrative that explains/describes your pieces? I hope one day someone feels a book showcasing your work is in order. Sveral views of a piece supported by text of a true story or one made up using bits and pieces of actual events would make for an attractive book. I really enjoy your creativity.