Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canceled Due To Weather

Snow for the next three days and it's just to dangerous to drive two lane roads to Jackson Wyoming when there is snow is falling.
Also Had a question by a young artist, "How do you get your clays into bronze and into a gallery?" I answer that, using my own experience, in this video.
Below my video are some heart pumping boat racing videos.. just to entertain you.

This one should get you jumping.

Helmet camera on the rollbar of a race boat at Riggins Idaho. This onboard camera gives you a view of what the driver sees as their racing. This helmet cam view is of one entire leg down the race course at Riggins Idaho.

Ride with race boat team Bohhica upriver in a high speed rock infested river race hitting speeds over 100 mph upriver in the straights of this whitewater jet boat race. Grant's Pass Oregon.

Happy New year everyone.


Gary Dombrowski said...

David, Sleep is the best thing for that cold. To this day when I get a cold, orange juice and chicken soup seem to help (they taste good anyway). A daily dose of vitamin C (on top of the OJ)couldn't hurt. Thanks for all the great work and videos have a Happy New Year. ~Gary

Donald said...

Dave, if you are ever in Grants Pass, do the Hellgate ride. I've done it several times...may not do 100 mph, but sure feels like it. Looks like it is on the same stretch of the river as the video.

Have a great NYE & 2010.

Donald Neff

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you Gary and Donald... I'm out again today. No never been on that river run Donald. Did spend 3 days in a conoe on the Snake River though back in 64. lol