Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes there is a title to this piece. At least the working title for now. WARRIORS
Here is the link to today's video.

I received a few questions from Daryl in Oklahoma this morning. I figure I'd share his questions and my answers. Just in case anyone out there has the same questions rattling around.

"....... I was wondering how you were going to go from that side anatomydrawing and pose the horse from it but I guess that is still yet to comeand I will just have to be patient.

It must be really cold there, I see you all the time bundled up when you are working and all the snow on the drives you take.....makes me glad Ilive in Oklahoma.

I had a question as I have been studying the finished "War Stories" piece.As I have said before I love detail but is it possible to put too muchdetail on a piece so that it is lost in the casting process?


My Answer;
Daryl, The side anatomy is only a guide for me to add anatomy to. As you'll see, I create this armature from a flat drawing. Kind of like laying the keel of a boat under construction. I hang all the 3 demensional anatomy on this frame.
It does stay pretty cool in the studio most of the time. When I turn up the heat, you'll see me in shirt sleeves.
As far as how much detail is to much. Never to much. The foundry costs go up the more detailed a piece is. as far as how much of the detail is lost... None of it is ever lost. Even my fingerprints come out in the finished bronze. That's how much detail the foundry can get.
Allen Funt, the guy who created the TV show, Candid Camera, bought a bronze from me. I was working on the clay at the time. He asked how much detail would come out in the bronze.
I had him make a rock for the base. I told him to put his thumb print in the clay of that rock. When he got his piece, I told him he would see that print there. The bronze was cast over 20 times, and everyone of those castings had his print in them. The bronzes title was "Prairie Dispute".

Well if any of you have any questions at all, just write me.

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