Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Warriors - Bones out of Wax

Today, I worked on creating the skeletal structures, of both horses today. Click on the link for the video.


Final photographs of the wax today.

Question from Daryl,
I just watched the blog for today. I am curious why you chose to use wax,is it cheaper? How did you get the wax to work like that, has it been under the lights warming or is it a special kind of wax? One last question....I notice you always start with the skeleton and then work your way up to the surface anatomy and I also notice that you always make the bones look as they actually would. Is it important to have the bones look as they would for the musculature added next or is it just your love of detail that makes you want to do it that way?

Wax: Do to the fact that I had to edit the video to be under 10 minutes for the web, I deleted that part of the video where I explained why I used wax and not clay. The simple answer is, I had more wax, than clay.
I do put the wax under lights to soften. For a short time it's very soft and pliable. You'll see this in today's video.

Skeleton: Yes I start with a skeleton. I also had to edit that out of the final video. I taught myself to sculpt horses and humans by doing the skeleton first. I go into detail on the bones, because the tendons and muscle attach to certain parts of the bones. I'm also a bit anal, that's the other reason I go into such detail.

Thanks Daryl for your question.

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