Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warriors - Figuring it out

I went to Bozeman today. On the way, I tried to work out in my mind, what am I going to have the two horses and the two riders climbing up and over. I looked at the landscape between Ennis and Bozeman. I took these photos of sudden rise in ground level, like you'd find in a dry creek bed. These two are just small sections of broken ground. I like the way they look.

Now these two are what I'm looking for.

Took these of the sunset over the Madison River, and of the moon rising above the Madison Mountain Range in my valley

I also tried to work out in my mind how I achieve the form of this feature in the sculpture I'm now working on. I think I've got that figured out as well. So I'm kind of excited to get back to the clay. See you next time.

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