Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morning Joe - Creation of a Late 1800s Cowboy Hat in Clay

Today I did the late 1800s hat for the cowboy. I made the armature for the brim out of file folder. It's paper quality lends it'self to this. I then made a start for the crown of the hat to establish the shape and size of the brim. I cut a hole in the brim armature to make an opening into the crown of the hat. Since the hat will be on his back, I wanted to show the crown was hollow. I added a thin layer of clay onto the brim's armature, both sides, then added the crown. I then, using a photo of a hat from that period, created the crown. Finally I added the hat onto Joe's back, and anchored it with screws so that it would stay in place. This now shows me the parts of the back that have to be more detailed. This is the position the hat will be, hung on his back with a, as the cowboys would call it, the hurricane strap, or stampede strap, .. or for you none cowboys.. a chine strap. That will come later.

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