Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Joe - Working on Detailing his 1800's Style Pants

Using wax, I make a belt buckle for the strap in the back of his pants.

Worked on the pants. First I went through a book on cowboy gear, looking for anything that might be of use here. 
Before I can put his suspenders on, I have to get the pants tuned up a little. I have a pair of pants that would have been worn in the 1800s. You can still buy them. I got mine from Ranks, in Virginia City Montana. They specialize in 1800 clothing and hats.
I am using the pants, that I bought to wear in a western play years ago, for reference. I need to get the seams right and the little belt in the back of the pants to adjust for waist line. 
As I worked on the clay my battery died in my camera. I had a second battery but it was on it's last leg as well so had to end the video.. I'll pick up on the pants tomorrow.

Me working on the pants.. in the video I can't upload.

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