Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning Joe - Fine Tuning His Upper Parts

Today I worked on his arms, shoulders and eyes. I also discus how useful the Silicone tipped tools are, from are. How they don't stick to the clay as I coach the details in his face and eyes. Tomorrow I'll do either the hat, or the shirt..


Vitalino Chitas said...

Hello Mister Lemon

live in Portugal, and every time I see your work I am open mouth with your work, I do not miss a video of your sculpture and each time I am amazed!
I have seen that the tools will stick to clay, try to use Vaseline to slide better.
I am not a professional sculptor but do sculpture work and learn a lot from you, and always use Vaseline to the tools slide better, try it!

Best Regards

Vitalino Chitas

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you Vitalino, I appreciate the words and the wisdom. The fact that someone in Portugal can even see me working is an amazing thing.. Thank you again.