Friday, January 6, 2012

Research Today


Following Him said...

Hi David ... Just how many people can you take along with you on your trip? You did say you were going to take Peg and me along, right? I thought that's what I heard you say.

Just kidding. We wish you the best and have a good time.

If you drive instead of flying, stop by Decatur, Illinois and we can put you up. We would love to see you again.

Blessings, Carl and Peggy.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Not driving .. flying. I found out that my debit card will be fine renting a car as long as I have a return ticket. So going to spend Sunday photographing John in the outfit and then drive to Gettysburg and hopefully get a room there and then take a short tour before flying home on Tuesday afternoon.
You'll see the videos after I get home, more than likely. Not sure of the internet connections..