Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bozeman Airport Medalions - William Clark's Portrait - As well as a very interesting shadow on the Madison River Today

I was driving to Bozeman Montana yesterday afternoon, and driving north east along the Madison River, when this shadow of a Bear's head caught my eye.. I nearly drove off the road. I came back to the same spot 24 hours later to see if I was imagining this. Well Not only did I see a bear, I saw a wolves head in the same shadow just a couple of minutes after the bear disappeared. Just gave me goose bumps.


blaze said...

I think your spot on Dave. A Bear and a wolf. And I bet your the only one who has really seen that. Angle of the sun would change the shadow for certain. You've got an eye for seeing these things.

Artist - David Lemon said...

I haven't heard anyone ever seeing this... It really would be just by pure luck and the exact time you pass and the angle you happen to glimps it as you drive.. and only for maybe a few days a year. I truely was honored seeing this.

blaze said...

Ooooh! Maybe it happened today. And it was a groundhog's shadow! Couldn't resist Dave:) I'm making my weekly trip to Bozeman tomorrow. I might try to plan a 2pm stop at that spot in the canyon. See if Ol Griz or Two Sox are still hanging around.