Monday, January 23, 2012

Captain John Lovewell - Two Days In Maryland USA

I'm going to photograph a model, John Buxton, in an authentic 1724 outfit for the Capt. John Lovewell commission I'm creating.
I've been commissioned to create a 1/2 life size bronze of a famous early American hero. Captain John Lovewell, who was killed by Abenaki Indians in a battle near Lovewell Pond.
John Lovewell (October 14, 1691 -- May 8, 1725) was a famous Ranger in the 18th century who fought during Dummer's War (also known as Lovewell's War). He lived in present-day Nashua, New Hampshire. He fought in Dummer's War as a militia captain, leading three expeditions against the Abenaki Indians.
Lovewell was commemorated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with his poem, "The Battle of Lovells Pond", and by Nathaniel Hawthorne with his story, "Roger Malvin's Burial".

Arrive in Baltimore

Prepairing for the model shoot



Following Him said...

Excellent history lesson ... very interesting. It looks like you will have many choices to make concerning the style of clothing you choose. I think you have much detail work ahead of you. Thanks for allowing us to watch from a distance.

Carl and Peg
Decatur, Illinois

Gary Dombrowski said...

David, I've been researching men's fashion from the early 18th century. A number of images show buttons extending all the way down to the bottom of the coat verses to just below the waist. They I'll forward these to you if you'd like. Enjoy your trip. ~Gary

Artist - David Lemon said...

thank you both..