Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friends Stopped by the Gallery Today

I know that this whole process is like watching grass grow. Sculpting takes time. Still on the scene with chief Cameahwait and his sister Sacajawea. Hope to get this scene done tomorrow. I started the figures of chief Cameahwait and Sacajawea over again, because having them in an embrace, wasn't working out. Sacajawea just didn't show up. So I separated the figures and had them just before the embrace. Then I started the figure of the Indian on horseback in the foreground.
Had Friends stop by this afternoon. Carroll Krause had never met me, but had purchased a buffalo piece of mine years ago and had followed my work for years. She heard I was in Tahoe and stopped by to see me for the first time.
Robert Merrell, and his wife also stopped by. He's a collector of my work and has a Museum in Reno. He's the gentleman sitting at my table in my video. Click link above to watch that.

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