Friday, September 25, 2009

Final Day on Sacagawea

Today I finished up the scene where Sacagawea steps into the Pacific Ocean. Repositioning her left arm, and then moving onto the reunion of her and her brother.
Then I cleaned up the clay using lighter fluid on a oil painters brush. I will be out of the studio for the next 5 Days. I will be back on October 1st or 2nd.


The following photographs are of an artist friend of mine, Terry Freeman, painting a small trailer. She'll be selling this when she is done with the outside and the inside. It's going to be a great work of art.
Rusty Cowboy, Phone number 406-682-5439.

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Unknown said...

Terry Freeman is simply an amazing artist, and her original work surprises and pleases the eye. Well done, Terry!

- Keri