Monday, August 21, 2017

Partial Eclipse From Todd Connors Studio

I took my home made shadow box up to Todd Connor's Artist Studio to witness the partial Eclipse of the Sun. 150 miles south, in Idaho Falls, was the full Eclipse.. Still it was an amazing experience. It was amazing to feel the temperature get colder. It literally was like someone changed out the 100 watt bulb for a 25 watt bulb. Todd paints a lot of night scenes, he was highly interested in the change in lighting, as he did a quick painting sketch as we went into the dim light.


yampabill said...

David ,in Steamboat we experienced about the same as you did in Ennnis.One thing I did notice is that at about the time of the maximum eclipse the crows from the National Forrest
started to gather and caw and then all of a sudden stopped cawing as the sun came back---strange

Artist - David Lemon said...

That is interesting.. Wouldn't it be amazing to know animal so you'd know their thinking and their conversations... I stood on my porch last night about 3 am... quite.. we don't get insect noises here, and there's literally no cars on the road... so in that quit, dogs were barking all over the place.. it was when they could hear each other perfectly. It was noisy, but kinda magical. They were talking to each other.

yampabill said...

Growing up in Ohio there were always night sounds.The crickets would sing,tree frogs would grunt at each other and of course the coyotes doing there thing.Here in the Mountains there are, as you say, no insect noise and I miss it