Monday, August 28, 2017

I've Produced Reviews of the 9 Instructional DVDs I have to offer for Sale

I decided to make video reviews of each of my 9 Instructional DVDs so people can see a brief review on each in 3 to almost 6 minutes each.
You can purchase any or all of these by going to the top right of the right column and clicking on the drop down menu. These Instructional Videos are also offered in an Online Version, through a private YouTube Link, at a savings. The area to purchase these is found just below the DVD Add to Cart, Purchase area.

Review of the Instructional DVD and Video Creating a Full Figure of a Viking;

Review of them New Video on CREATING A HORSE FROM SCRATCH

Review of my Instructional DVD CREATING THE PLAINS WARRIOR

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A BUST OF A VIKING

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A FULL HORSE AND RIDER


Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING SWEETGRASS, CLAY TO BRONZE

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A FEMALE HOLDING A BABY

Below is a Review of my Instructional DVD, CREATING A HORSES HEAD IN CLAY


Thomas Donalson 3/D art said...

Mr lemon I'm in northern New Mexico been a rancher which means I've done a little bit of everything. I've done some sculpting sold in Arizona, Colorado shows.sent them all the way to Canada to Florida keys. Its all been fabricated. Sure am impressed with your videos and would like to purchase dvd for tv (a
New supplemental instructional dvd on the foundry and the process of casting bronze. Or the mysteries of the foundry revealed-clay to bronze. Thank you. I guess I'm just to thick , as I just can't find them. Except on YouTube. Thanks again

Artist - David Lemon said...

Paypal only allows 9 selections on their drop down menu.. so I had to delete or retire the tour of the foundry DVD. If you'd like, Email me at and I'll tell you how you can purchase that DVD on the foundry. I include that video at the end of Creating Morning Joe's DVD or Digital online version. They all play on your Blue Ray Player.. No you're not thick.. lol

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thomas, did you order or get DVDs from me..? Just checking?

Mauro Signorelli said...

Buenos dias
Yo soy de Italia
Espero entienda max Espanol que Italiano
Tengo que acerle una pregunta
Yo quiero adquirir dvd pido sy Usted puede ademas decirme que clay utiliza y donde poder adquirirla
En atesa Su cordial respuesta
Envio my max grandes felicitaciones para sus Obras
Mauro Signorelli

Unknown said...

Can individual DVD'S be purchased. Do you ever have teaching venues?

Artist - David Lemon said...

Yes you can. I haven't given a workshop for a couple of years.
You can purchase individual DVDs Just go to the top right column, and click on the drop down menu... Pick the DVD you wish to purchase.. Click on it, then click on the yellow Add To Cart Button, a new page opens up, on it you see your purchase selection, if you want another DVD, just click on the tab with the Blog page on it.. then click on another DVD and go back to the tab that shows your purchases.. and just just complete your purchase.. if you have any trouble.. just email me and I'll help you out

Unknown said...

How can i purchase your instructional dvd's? I've searched every way i know how & it seems they're no longer available. If that isn't true i would love to purchase them & want you to know you're probably losing sales. My great thanks to you for what you've shared with me through youtube!!

Artist - David Lemon said...

Unknown.. you just go to the top of the right column on my Clay to Bronze Page... and there's a link to Paypal there to select what you'd like of my DVD's.... The heading is..
Purchasing David Lemon's DVDs, Mailing included in Price of Single DVDs
Let me know if you still have problems... Thanks for asking..


Unknown said...

Sorry, on my phone the right column is blank. Using my computer i see it. That's great, thanks!

Artist - David Lemon said...

Cells are great but they still lack... Glad you figured it out... Thank you.

Unknown said...

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