Monday, December 12, 2016

Update on my progress on the horse DVD

Good news, I've been getting a lot of Instructional DVD orders through the final 8 days of my Special Christmas Sale of my DVDs... Bad news, haven't been able to work on the Horse DVD. LEMON'S BIG CHRISTMAS DVD SALE The Clock is Ticking ... Only 8 days left on this great deal... Orders are starting to come in for my DVDs that are on a special going to the 20th of December. I'll be selling my Instructional DVDs Free Mailing for each individual DVD. I'll be offering a $100 off for purchases of 9 Instructional DVDs purchases, That's like getting 2 DVDs for free. This is my Christmas Gift Discount... Click on the link to view individual Trailers of each DVD... Just follow the instructions at the end of each DVD review to purchase them. The last selection on the list of my DVDs is the 9 DVD special. Love you all...

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