Friday, October 16, 2015

.Sam Commission - Nose Job Today

As I came back to the clay late this afternoon, I could see a potential problem with the head of the clay of "Sam" a Blue Heeler/Border Collie mixed Dog I'm sculpting. The eyes looked strange and the nose looked off.. wasn't sure why till I checked against a photo of Sam's face. I found the nose ran down instead of level with the forehead of the dog.
I made an incision at the base of the dogs nose, a wedge cut out of the clay and then moving the nose up, mindful of the armature inside the clay.. I corrected the angle. Wala.. it worked. The eyes now looked better and the face change a lot.
Funny how a small change can turn the whole look. I learned that years ago from another sculptor who's no longer with us. That's what it takes, years of learning and making mistakes and then correcting them.

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