Friday, October 2, 2015

First 12 minutes of a New Instructional DVD - Creation of "Somewhere Cowboy's Walkin"

A New Instructional DVD that will show the creation, from making the armatures,. to detailing. I also show working out the design for the piece, using forming a Marquette out of wax and bailing wire,  then using a unique form of reference to create drawings to work out movement of the horses.. Yes I said horses.. 5 to be exact. That's how "Somewhere a Cowboys Walkin" came to life on April 1st 2009.
Someone asked me how I came up with the story and the design, yesterday, and got the fire burning in me. This is going to be probably the best Instructional DVD I've ever made.

                                    "Somewhere a Cowboys Walkin" in the finished Bronze

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