Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Grass - Part 05 - Face and Dress


Doc said...

I would like more details on liquifying clay.
Is that a double boiler pot that you are using? What kind of cloth are you using?
How long does it take to liquify clay?
How long does it take cool?

Thankyou so much for your videos. I have learned a lot just by watching your videos and have been encouraged to try my hand a clay sculpting.

I am an amateur wood sculpter.

Ralph Giarnella MD Conn USA

Doc said...

I just did an experiment with some clay in an old microwave. I was careful not to overheat by heating in 1-2 minute periods. I was able to get a liquified clay however the oil was separating from the clay.

I have another question. What is the firmness of the clay you use. Is it very firm or very plyable. The clay I purchase comes in several colors based on grade of firmness.

In advance thank you for your response