Sunday, May 6, 2012

Captain John Lovewell - Upper Coat and Collar


Gary Dombrowski said...

David, You may want to bend John Buxton's ear about the standing collar on Lovewell's coat. Period art shows either no collar or a collar that lays on the coat. There are surviving coats that have what looks like a banded collar, but they are not very high. You'll see standing collars appearing in the late 18th century. Good examples on american subjest are surviving portraits of George Washington and other military leaders that were painted in the 1780s to 1790s. Just a thought.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Another quick link with notes for the applicable era.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Gary, the person who made the clothing is the leading expert on clothing from that period. His clothing is massively sought after. What he made me was from that time frame.
What he made me was the style in that area. I'll stick with what I have.. thanks though. Great reference sites. Still have to figure out his hair.. I'm thinking someone who lived in the back woods would be more practicle in their style. Might put a bag on his pony tail. I'd think if your going through woods, you'd want it covered to keep it from getting tangled in the wood and bushes.