Sunday, May 13, 2012

Captain John Lovewell - The Complete Diary of its Creation


Martin de Madrid said...


An absolutely masterful piece. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you sculpt it. I do have two questions about it for you: first, the stock of the rifle always looked a bit unfinished, a bit lumpy and I was surprised with your attention to detail that this was never addressed (or so it seems from the video, anyway); second, I would encourage you to show the detailing and texturing process also, because it is an important part of the process. It may seem boring to you, but many of us would like to see every process you go through to create your wonderful art.

Finally I want to thank you for your generosity in posting these videos. It is not only very enjoyable to come to your vlog every day and watch the day's work, but as an artist, it inspires and informs my work and expands my technique. I consider you to be not only a master sculptor, but a role model as a person.

Thank you,

Martin Shellabarger

Artist - David Lemon said...

Worked on that today.. it was the last thing..
Thank you.. I'll be vacationing for 7 days.. I'm pooped.. lol