Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two Videos From This Weekend of Moving My Studio

Saturday.. Setting up my home studio

Sunday.. Anatomical Correct Female and Male Reference Figures

Where you can buy these figures and so much more
My Gallery online


Anonymous said...

i'm a woodcarver believe me,references are the most important part when creating,thank you for all your videos

Artist - David Lemon said...

Your welcome

Anonymous said...

Oh! I am learning so much from you David! I cannot believe your generosity with the techniques.
I have been watching the Warriors videos with the armature setup.
You are a great artist and I hope to see all of your videos. I have lost time today. Look me over at my FB page.
Sheila Uva
Thank you again for your unequaled time on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Why would you even comment on the "perv" thing?
If we are artists and sculptors, we know about using figures for reference.
Pay not attention, please, and get on with the important stuff!!!!