Friday, December 9, 2011

Captain Johnlovewell Commission First Clay Added

I've been commissioned to create a 1/2 life size bronze of a famous early American hero. Captain John Lovewell, who was killed by Abenaki Indians in a battle near Lovewell Pond.
John Lovewell (October 14, 1691 -- May 8, 1725) was a famous Ranger in the 18th century who fought during Dummer's War (also known as Lovewell's War). He lived in present-day Nashua, New Hampshire. He fought in Dummer's War as a militia captain, leading three expeditions against the Abenaki Indians.
Lovewell was commemorated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with his poem, "The Battle of Lovells Pond", and by Nathaniel Hawthorne with his story, "Roger Malvin's Burial".
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I'm using a 36 inch tall TruForm human armature as the base for this clay. You can purchase a TruForm armature at


Matt Springer said...

Hi, David!

I've really enjoyed your videos. Thanks for all the time and effort you take to make them. I've been sculpting busts for military miniature companies for years and want to make the transition to larger scale bronzes so it's very helpful to see how you work. Thanks!

Btw- aren't you going to use the Lovewell portrait head you previously sulpted on this piece?

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your work...I hope you don't mind, but I posted your drive in Montana to my it! Thank you!

Artist - David Lemon said...

Adiviner, sure go ahead..
Matt, I'm going to ... just going to resculpt it.. to match the scale and feel.

Ali said...

Love you work, watching from the UK for the last few years.
Your work has encouraged me to return to sculpting.
Thanks for sharing so much of your life and work, truly inspiring.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you Ali for following me.. if I ever get over to the UK.. bucket list thing.. I'd love to meet you guys.. don't hold your breath for now.. lol