Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Day After the Accident

Ok, it's the day after the accident and I'm returning from Bozeman and returning the rental I got in Utah.
Lea Anne gave me a followed me into Bozeman and brought me back home. If you want an outstanding gift for anyone, contact lea Ann at 406-682-3133. She really has high quality gifts and there's no sales tax in Montana.. so you save.. I buy all my gifts there.


Following Him said...

Hi David ...

What would we do without great friends?

The dear lady friend with you ... Lea Anne ... runs a gift shop in Ennis? When we come up to Ennis, that is one place I will make sure we shop at.

Lea Anne's profile looks just like "Ain't No Cowboy." Is she the model for that piece? I tried to find the video when you showed the pictures of the girl you used but couldn't find the right one.

I hope time wise things come together for you ... van repair, etc. Don't get discouraged ... God sends both, the rain and the sunshine. But I don't believe He causes car wrecks. That is just part of life.

I still believe ... God's answer is always Jesus ... no matter what.

Blessings ...

Artist - David Lemon said...

Yep, that's ain't no Cowgirl.. lol Thanks so much for your words.

Angie said...

I've lurked around your videos & blog all evening, totally admiring your work, and watching you make such stunning pieces. I'm inspired and thrilled to be getting to know such a talented artist.
I've learned a lot just by watching your videos, and felt it would be rude if I didn't at least say "Hello" and thank you for sharing your expertise!
Glad you're ok, and still have such a positive attitude, in spite of the "hurdles". We all have them and it shows a lot of character in how we deal with them.
I look forward to your updates...