Friday, May 27, 2011

Commission - Nearly Finished the Two Indian Busts Today

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I've recieved a commission to create two busts of an Indian man and woman to be fitted in bronze on the top of two crystal balls at the top of a set of door handles. There's going to be a lot of creativity in these door handles and my contribution is just part of it.
Trent's website can be seen at this link


Following Him said...

Hi David ...

I noticed that there were several people watching you work in this shop. Do you spend much time talking with them, answering questions, etc.?

How much time did you spend actually working on the two busts today before editing down your video to the 10 or 12 minute final product?

Just curious?


Artist - David Lemon said...

I usually work as I'm talking. Actual time working.. about 3 hours I would guess. Took 16 gigs on two memory disks..