Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Morning in Ennis and Along the Madison River in Southwest Montana

Just a relaxing day, when the world seems to be falling apart. In many parts of the world, there is peace. Nature keeps moving on, and life is normal, and the fishing is great.


Following Him said...

David ...

I love this video. Very nice ... Ennis looks like a peaceful town. Planning on seeing it in person this summer. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Montana with us central Illinois folks. It's good to see more than just cornfields.

Blessings ...
Carl Middleton

yakov said...

How beautiful, David! I enjoyed the pictures very much. My husband is biologist and when he worked for the Hamburg University had to go to the Elbe river to check the fish population there. At some places he had to stun the fishes in a small part of the river, then count and identify the fishes that floated above. Hard work, but nature was beautiful, and is still, I hope...

It's election year in Germany and after Japan every politician now claims they want quit the atom energy as fast a possible. Well, we'll see after the elections...

I am happy nature still has some awsome places, thank you for posting this video!

Have a great weekend,

Leorastudio said...

Ooops, I posted while my husbands email acount was active and not!

Best wishes,

Artist - David Lemon said...

Carl, I know what you mean. I lived in Iowa for a while and that's all we had there were corn fields.. lol
Alex... More people die on our roads, flying in airplanes, taking baths.. riding horses, skate boarding than die from a radiation from power nuclear plants. Do we stop doing all those other things? I know you know the answer. Hope the people of Germany don't do a panic vote. Thank you for your comment. Say Hi to the hubby.. lol


Leorastudio said...

David, I hope so, too.

I guess it is funny from an american view, but you have such unbelievable huge nature reserves! You see, here we call a forest huge that you can drive through in 10 minutes!

Many people are highly conscious about any risk for destroying what is left... and we remember Chernobyl very well. Foundations are still active so children from that region can get cancer treatment. And too many children are born with severe deformations.
And still will for many years to come. Now picture yourself a politician saying that our roads are deadlier ;))

Take care and have a great weekend!