Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ain't No Cowboy - Reworking The Face

I was asked to make the face of AIN'T NO COWBOY look as much like a lady that works at a gallery in Utah, as I could. Her name is Erin. So the foundry cast a wax from the mold, and I brought it home, to work on. With photos of the young lady in hand, I made the change.
Making changes in the wax stage of a bronze has been done for years. Charlie Russell had a bucking horse piece. The original had bat wing chaps, and then at some point he reworked the wax to have the cowboy wearing chaps that are called woollies.. They were covered in sheep fur. As long as it doesn't hurt the integrity of the piece, and the client is willing to pay for my time, I'm fine with making a change.
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