Thursday, November 11, 2010

Untitled Male Indian Bust - Now has a Name - Four Bears is his Name

I came up with a name for this young man.. FOUR BEARS. Not sure that will be the title of the piece yet..
I had an hour and a half to work today. So I changed his expression to a stronger but perplexed face. He's just played his flute for the young lady, but reading her reaction, leaves him... well perplexed.

Final photographs


Julie Harward said...

How did you did that? Amazing!

Artist - David Lemon said...

It's all in the fingers Ma'm All in the fingers.. lol

The Conservative Lady said...

Amazing to watch you change his expression, and in doing so make Four Bears more human. Just another guy perplexed by a lady. Ha, ha, I love it.

Artist - David Lemon said...

lol.. thanks conservative lady... speaking as one who lives without a woman.. live is a lot simpler.. but having a woman as a companion has it's advantages... such as comfort when times are tough. Someone to share experiences with and several other things as well... :)

The Conservative Lady said...

That's very true, and it works both ways. You've managed to make "Four Bears" a beautifully complimentary companion to "Worth Many Horses" and you, sir, are blessed with a wonderful talent.
Question: Will they be colorized when you have them bronzed?

Artist - David Lemon said...

Conservative... These will be available in gift shops all over the west.. not sure about the east.. They will be cast into resin stone and yes colored. I'm sending them photos of the clothing so they can match the colors. I'm going to be very upset if they make them gaudy.. I've seen what they've done at the Imax in West Yellowstone and they do a great job.. they will be affordable..I might even be able to get them. lol I'll keep you informed.