Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peace Talker - Clay Delivered to the Foundry

Got in the studio this morning and finished up the clay of PEACE TALKER, by getting ride of blemishes in the clay and filling deep undercuts. Then in the early afternoon I delivered the clay to Northwest Art casting in Bozeman Montana. The first bronze of this piece should be out by December, before Christmas.


Julie Harward said...

I loved this one..his face from the side is so handsome! Do you remember the Indians that would come and work on our farm every summer there in Weston? They were my summer friends, mom would bring the family of girls in on saturday nights and shampoo their hair and take them to church with us the next day.
Have you ever been in this area where I love? Fish lake..Boulder mountain..Capital Reef national park is just 15 min. from my home. On Boulder Mt. there is a large size heard of buffalo, I think one of the only free range herds anywhere, I have seen them pretty close and it just takes my breath away! You should come and visit and do some work here, it's really beautiful. :D

Artist - David Lemon said...

Don't think we were ever on your farm when they worked there.. I so wish you had that farm...
I need to stop by sometime.. and visit. I'm not very good with that, even with my own kids.. not sure why.. I'm such a tweenki.. lol