Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back on the Indian Figure - Not Sure of the Design Yet


Andrew said...

Hey Dave,
First time comment here - love keeping up with your blog...very inspirational to see your creative process - thanks for sharing all that you do. I've done a litte make me want to pick up some clay!

On the current indian figure...I liked the bow thing you started with, but if that won't work here is an idea you might tinker me, the overall stance of the figure you have roughed in at this point appears quite proud/heroic. Maybe he could be cradleing a peace pipe in the crook of his arm...I'm thinking like the way we see in many old photos (w/ an underhand grip on the pipe bowl and stem running the length of his forearm and past the elbow). Those big fans of feathers that often decorated the pipe stems would be an interesting visual hanging down in front of him. Maybe he could be a medicine man...I'm kinda visualizing a headress like Kicking Bird in the Dances w/ Wolves movie, etc.

Anyway, just a thought for what its regards to you sir!!

walter said...

Hi David,

I just recently discover your blog (actually the same day you got bad news and decided to move your studio, I believe that always a door open somewhere BTW), and became a fan pretty quickly. I started sculpting a few years back as a hobby, and took the tortuous path of teaching myself, I take those videos you post as gems of knowledge and I really wanted to thank you for sharing it with us.

I looked today your video with an smile, because I saw myself so many times in that position when starting a new piece, What it started as a cowboy having coffee near a fireplace translated on an Indian looking out with despair LOL

Do you have a secret about hairdos, I am doing this Indian (1/6 scale) and those braids are making me crazy, I tried braiding three coils of clay but I am not too happy with the result.

Best luck


Maggie Thornton said...

David, at this early stage, you have given this figure's face such believable attitude. Can't wait to see what you end up with.

I want to thank you for posting the link in your sidebar to Mark Turner's story. God bless you.

Artist - David Lemon said...

First off, would like to say, it was my pleasure Maggie. Hope it helps.
Andrew.. I already am thinking of a pipe, and Maybe a pipe bag in his other hand. That may change though.
Walter, thank you for finding my blog. I create my braids the same way. You don't always have to have braids. Just free falling hair is fine as well and can make an even better design. Good luck. I started the same way you are, doing it as a hobby, in my basement back in the 70s. Keep on doing what your doing.