Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th in Ennis Montana - And the Decleration Of Independence

A citizen's required reading for July 4th: The Declaration of Independence (with music)
Ennis Montana, and it's annual 4th of July Parade. The video starts by showing the Veteran's Memorial, and the bronze I created for it back in 2001.
The Bozeman Montana Tea Party also joined in the parade.
Our home town hero, Johnny France was the Grand Marshal of the Parade. Johnny's story of the capture of the Nichols, father and son. It was portrayed in several made for TV movies and recently on Fugitive Chronicles on A&E Channel. There's a book out.. Incident at Big Sky: The True Story of Sheriff Johnny France and the Capture of the Mountain Men [Hardcover]

Parade Video Uploading ... check back later.

Photographs... the first two are of the Veteran's Memorial and the bronze I created durring the first part of 2001.

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