Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yeah, Another Update

Today was the best day yet. I'll probably not go to Jackson Wyoming till Thursday. Weather again. I'll be in my studio tomorrow.. back on the figure, if I didn't push to hard today. Sorry about all this delay.


hoofprintnlady said...

So glad you liked your E-Card... I will pick the phone one of the days and chat, just figured you didn't need me disturbing your rest while your trying to get over what may be perhaps the H1N1...flu...buggy.. Poor thing...really stinks that you have no one there to bring you chicken soup.. but neither do I when I am sick, so I get how much it bites. This too will pass and hopefully you'll be able to finally drive over the pass to make your appearance at the Gallery. Chat later, westernly from yee ole.. Cali Gal... Diane

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you so much for just giving me one of the few bright points to my last week. It would be nice to be pampered... lol
I'm fine... last night slept better than I had in over a week. I'm off to the studio today.. so be back to look at what I mess up today... haha
You do start thinking though.. is this the one that will put me under though...