Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've Been Asked, Where I Get my Clay and Tools

First of all, I'll be out of my studio on Monday.
Second, I thought I'd pass onto you all who view my blog the collection of items that can be used in your sculpting. I put the items below together as answers to questions others have asked me in the past through emails as to what I use and where I get them. Hope the following helps you who are interested.

This is a good sculpting stand.. You could build your own though.
I buy a lot of my tools from Sculpture House in NYTools for sculpting
these are great for fine tuning a clay
not sure about this clay... It looks ok..
You might subscribe to this newsletter as well.. you can buy supplies from them as well.

Sculpture 1: The Character Armature ~ John Brown (DVD - 2003)
Sculpture 2: The Character Maquette ~ John Brown (DVD - 2003)
Sculpture 3: Sculpting the Detailed Character Head ~ John Brown (DVD - 2004)
Sculpture 4: Molding and Casting the Head ~ John Brown (DVD - 2004)
Sculpture 5: Molding and Casting the Maquette ~ John Brown (DVD - 2004)

You need tools for your type of clay. You can find those here Get a couple of the small loop tools at the top of the page (I would suggest 16131 for sure, and 16127 as another.) and then some of the larger ones below those (16147, 16151, .and 16152).
On this page Pick the following... 17215, 17405, and 17212. I cut off the long wood handle and leave only 3 inches of it behind the wire. ON the double wire tools cut their handles in the center between the two wires. The reason for this is if you have to work up under a clay, you can't if the tool is so long that it hits your base or board. Making them shorter makes them easier to use. Never buy tools with brass wire. they're to soft of a metal. they'll bend.
You need some wax working tools as well, go to this page and purchase the following. 3062501, 3062503,
on this page 307W32
Those are my suggestions for tools. They are the tools I use. Some more than others. You can of course choose any you want, but the ones I've picked are the best all around the others you'll never use more than likely.

See you next week and I hope the above helps you.


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Gary Dombrowski said...

David, Thanks for taking the time to put all that information together. ~Gary