Thursday, June 18, 2009

Somewhere A Cowboy's Walking - Small Details

The last Crow Indian and his horse, have been the hardest of the three horses and two Indians to get right. Today I spent working on the neck and head. Fine tuning them. Also re-did the mane.
I decided over the last couple of days to shorten the video and just concentrate on one part. This means the time recorded would be maybe a half hour out of a full day. When I speed up that half hour or so, you'd be able to see more clearly what and how I sculpt. 10 minute time frame for videos on Youtube and here means a lot of speed when it's several hours and a lot of cutting. So today I focused my video on repairing the horses head.


Just thought I'd share a photo of a new painting by an artist friend of mine. Patricia Dobson, Scottsdale Arizona. It's titled "The Grinding Floor". See if you can find the mouse in the painting. This painting is for sale.

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