Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WARRIORS - Composition and Name Change Today

I worked on the 4th of 5 horses today and as I finished it and was getting ready to start the 5th horse, I had a moment of inspiration.
I've decided to change the composition from 5 horses, down to 3. Then 3 Indians down to 2. Watch the video for today.. (The story for this new composition can be found below the photos)


Here are pictures of the composition at the end of the day today. Back in the studio tomorrow.

That's the title I've come up with for this composition I'm working on. Sort of a play on the line in Dances With Wolves, when the mule skinner and the Lieutenant come upon a skeleton, and the skinner says jokingly, "Someone back East is probably saying, Why ain't he Writ"
I've taken two of the clay horses away, for now.. it could I have two Indians on horseback and one saddled cow pony in tow.
The story line will be, These two Indians, coming back from an unsuccessful raid, come across a cowboy, deep in a mud bog, pulling a stray calf out. While his horse, is nibbling on prairie grass. One of the the Indians, sneaks up, gently takes the reins, and leads the cowboys horse off over the the small rise in the prairie. While the Cowpoke is struggling with an uncooperative calf.
These two warriors now ride back to their village, Victorious.

This leaves open the possibility of a follow up piece where a the cowboy, dripping in mud, holding a calf in his arms, stands on dry ground, and wondering where his horse wandered off to...

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