Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Made a Movie Prop Today

The A&E Channel is filming in and around Ennis Montana, where I live, a docudrama about a tragic story that took place back in 1985. A young woman, an Olympic Athlete, was kidnapped just over the mountains from here by two so called mountain men.
Johnny France, the county sheriff at the time eventually, after a long grueling man hunt, caught the two men. The story is in a book called, "Incident at Big Sky". It was made into a couple of made for TV movies years ago. Well A&E is here filming. I work with the local talent agency and so, knowing I'm an artist, they asked me to reproduce a log on which these two mountain men wrote a message that they lived in these mountains.
This video shows me making this prop. No clay today... lol

Pictures from the book "Incident at Big Sky" as well as the photograph of the original log.

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