Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Warriors - Working on The Third Horse

Today I roughed in the third horses skeletal structure. Today's video - YouTube.com video.

Today's entry is dedicated to
Tara Reistad Bowman

I want to take this opportunity to dedicate this entry to the memory of someone who had an incredible influence on the art community in Bozeman, Montana, and probably through out the world. She was Co-Owner of Montana Trails Gallery here in Bozeman.
Last week that gallery and several other buildings were flattened by a terrible gas explosion. My prayers for strength and comfort are with her husband Chris and everyone who knew and loved Tara.
One of the artists who she represented wanted to add his thoughts on her influence on his life. Todd Connor is a well known Western Artist. The following are his words.

"It's hard to put into words the pain I feel in regards to Tara's loss. She was a woman with a depth of soul and a spirit that was contagious.
She was my main art dealer and we had the best working relationship any artist could hope to have. Her enthusiasm, whenever I would bring her one of my new paintings, would inspire me to keep pushing forward even when things were lean. Tara believed in me when I was struggling, and never hesitated to offer a word of encouragement. She inspired the art buyers as well. One of her clients said she was the best dealer he'd ever worked with. That's a tribute to her positive effect on people.
Losing Tara is not only a loss to the Montana art community, but to anyone who ever had the honor of knowing her. I will miss her forever, and I don't say this lightly. She was a rock. She will forever be on my mind when I paint now and I will feed off her encouraging words from this day forward.
She will never really be gone. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband Chris and her family."

Todd Connor

Here's a link to another blog by Artist Laurie Stevens Gilleon.. She honors Tara as well. http://lauriestevens.blogspot.com/

Thank you and see you all tomorrow.

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Deb Schmit said...

Hi David,
What a wonderful tribute by Todd.
I am MT Trails newest artist and ironically was working on a painting that would have been delivered to them this week. The piece was spared, but with the loss of such an amazing person, none of it matters. I didn't know Tara very well, but I was struck by her kindness and optimism. Something so rare in people these days.
Prayers go out to all who knew and loved her!