Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lunch and Dinner and Not Much Else

Did nothing today but eat and visit with friends from out of town. Here is a short video of today's activities or the lack there of.. Video

Just a P.S. I received this yesterday as a comment on my blog entry for March 10th from Deb Schmit . She's a Montana artist. She wrote the following about the tribute to Tara Reistad Bowman

"Hi David,What a wonderful tribute by Todd.I am Montana Trails Galleries newest artist and ironically was working on a painting that would have been delivered to them this week. The piece was spared, but with the loss of such an amazing person, none of it matters. I didn't know Tara very well, but I was struck by her kindness and optimism. Something so rare in people these days.Prayers go out to all who knew and loved her!"

This is Deb's blog link

Thank you Deb for your kind words. I just wish I'd of know Tara better.

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Cedar said...

You are amazing. Today I declared you a special person after seeing your Indian with a wolf skin in Hal's gallery! Hope you had a fun dinner tonight! Boa noite! Sandy Pavel