Monday, September 24, 2018

The Story of How I Got Into Sculping and Working on the Horses Still

Again on the heads of the horses.. I've often been asked how I got into sculpting and so I thought I'd relay the story to you.


yampabill said...

While I admire your sculpting and dedication to the discipline ,I question your present project that requires extreme eye strain . In my humble view you are risking your eye site----for what----a bunch of horses in the sky-----get real. If I were your neighbor ,I would be at your step pleading for you to stop aggravating your condition. PLEASE TAKE IT EASY ON YOUR EYES.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you Bill... I work for very short spurts.. VERY SHORT.. my eyes were very sensitive.. As of today.. I'me improved.. and now a can work for just short spurts..not really short spurts... haha.. Believe me I'm watching out for the strain..