Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Continuing the Video of the Instructional DVD on Creating Armatures for ...

Started an armature for a 16 inch tall figure today. It's part of a commission I'm working on. I figure as long as i'm making this armature, I might as well do an Instructional DVD where I share my knowledge gained from over 50 years of making armatures. So for you, this is merely a short tease of my Video on Making Armatures for Clay Sculpting. I finally got my other Canon camera fixed so now I can offer two views of me working... a few years ago, the one camera stopped locking in my memory card... I took it to a Camera Repair place and they sent it out to get an estimate on getting it fixed. It was almost as much as buying a new camera. So I just had the camera in my Van all this time. Well the other day.. I thought why not get it looked at again.. and this time the camera guy saw that there were a couple of small pieces of plastic from a memory card in the bottom of the slot that holds the memory card.. He removed the pieces.. I got a new Memory Card and now it's working again.. I'm so happy to be able to give my viewers a second viewing point in my videos.

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