Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Coloring The Bronze TROUBLE MAKER

The first copy of TROUBLE MAKER was colored in bronze today. I videoed it from the raw bronze to adding the first Chemicals. The process of coloring bronze goes back 5,000 years, to stone caves and mud shacks in the ancient world. I once held a 3,000 year old Hittite Bronze Sword in my gloved hand. What an awesome feeling that gave me. Looking at the fine detail work in the blade and handle. Perfectly balanced. Green patina was the only sign of it's age. It's always fascinates me when I finally finish one of my bronzes. I've been so blessed by my Heavenly Father, who gave me this small spark of creation, in my hands and fingers. I know where my gift is from. I'm just the vehicle to inspire and create.

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